Bryant University Northeast Entrepreneurship Conference

At BUNEEC, we foster a strong entrepreneurial culture among our attendees.  Through breakout sessions and keynote speakers, you will learn the tools and strategies needed to enhance your skills and transform your future.


Join young business leaders and entrepreneurs!


Bryant University
Smithfield, RI


Saturday, March 3rd, 2018
Starting at 11:00am

Keynote speakers

Learn from global innovators and industry visionaries.

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Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes is Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, and an internationally respected authority in the worlds of economics, finance, and corporate leadership. With the economy at the forefront of conversation on a global level, Mr. Forbes offers long-standing insights that capitalism, free markets, and a flat tax are essential to a healthy economy. This is a message Mr. Forbes has been delivering as editor of one of the world’s most successful business magazines for decades, and he continues to be one of the most sought-after speakers on this and other economic issues leading the economic debates around the world.


Craig Dubitsky

Hello’s founder and CEO, Craig, is obsessed with design, transformational brands, and making stuff that elevates the every day. He was an early investor and board member in Method, the co-founder and creative lead at eos, the CMO of Popcorn, Indiana, and a board member of the Art Directors Club. He is Chairman of Lexicon’s Advisory Board because he digs names, and was named to Advertising Age’s Creativity 50 as one of the Most Influential and Innovative Creative Thinkers and Doers. Craig’s a lover, not a fighter, and started hello because he was tired of hearing about a war in his mouth.

Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal

Miki is a social entrepreneur who loves to use designed innovation to break taboos and change culture. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and strategies from idea to launch to growth in the most authentic way possible. Social Entrepreneur. Inventor. Author. Speaker. Impact Investor. Creative Director. Dreamer.


Dan MacCombie

Dan MacCombie founded and served as Managing Director and Vice President of Organizational Development at Runa LLC. Dan has diverse background in ecosystem analysis, international markets, and organizational management. Prior to Runa, he served as a Summer Technology and Markets Analyst for the Clinton Climate Initiative, where he developed experience in international market trends and sustainability issues. He served as the Director of the Janus Forum, an organization devoted to promoting debate and dialogue on college campuses, he organized and coordinated many large events and initiatives with international leaders. He currently serves as a Director of Native State Foods, Inc. and serves as Treasurer on the board of two NGO’s

Breakout speakers

Brandale Randolph
Brandale Randolph

Brandale is currently the founder and majority owner of the 1854 Cycling Company. The 1854 Cycling Company is a high-end bicycle assembly company based in Framingham, MA. A portion of every bicycle and bag sold goes towards program that combat juvenile recidivism. Brandale is also the Co-Founder and former Executive Director of Project: Poverty, a nonprofit organization that aims to design, create and implement innovative strategies to reduce poverty. Part of his work included teaching job readiness seminars at the South Plains Workforce Solutions Center, teaching financial literacy at the Lubbock County Detention Center, the Youth Transition Center and among other under-served populations. He is an author. His 2010 book “Me & My Broke Neighbor: The 7 Things I Learned About Success Just By Living Next To Him…” has been added to financial literacy curriculum’s across the country. His 2016 release “Like Cavemen & Quail: Poverty Beyond Income and Mindset” has received rave reviews from reviewers and publishers all across the world.

Susan Keller

Susan Keller has been advising businesses and their owners from startups to publicly traded companies for over twenty five years. Susan has extensive experience providing executive level business expertise and hands-on managerial and operational guidance to facilitate company growth. Susan is currently the managing director of LeveragedSolutions, a new and innovative business segment of LGC+D. Previously as the founder of Entrepreneurial Executives, LLC and as an attorney, Susan counseled entrepreneurs and business owners on how to properly structure a new entity, manage the daily corporate governance issues and advises senior management on their strategies and transactions. Susan has acted as interim COO for clients and has provided day to day management and operational advice, as well as business strategy and guidance.

Eric Dunn

He is well known for his alter ego Jerome of the popular video “Jerome is a gangsta from the suburbs,” he is the co-founder of Dim Light Entertainment and a Vine and YouTube phenomenon. Even when Dunn shelves Jerome, his popular Vines still sit at the intersection of race, suburban life, and comedy. He first started making Vine videos in March of 2013, accumulating more than 1.5 million followers in a short amount of time. He then enrolled at Florida Atlantic University while running his entertainment firm. Dunn has also been incredibly successful at transferring his Vine celebrity status into a big time YouTube following. He’s already over 143,000 subscribers strong and 16 million views. He also has had a song on the iTunes R&B chart that surpassed artists such as Alicia Keys and Trey Songz.

Marques Ogden
Marques Ogden

Growing up in a single parent home with a father that inspired perseverance and fairness, Marques Ogden learned how to define his values and set goals. Ogden followed his dream and his brother Jonathan’s footsteps, eventually getting drafted into the NFL in 2003. Overall, he played for 5 years as an offensive lineman with the Titans, Bills, Ravens and Jaguars. At the age of 27, he founded a construction company called Kayden Premier Enterprises; a business that grew rapidly in its first few years, but Ogden and the business eventually went bankrupt after Ogden lost almost 2 million dollars on one project in a time period just under 90 days. With hard work and determination, he became a motivational speaker and marketing leader, helping to build others up to succeed.

Chris Allen
Christopher Allen

Chris Allen is the former CEO and Founder of iDevices which was acquired in April 2017 by Hubbell, Inc. After the acquisition he is still with the company as President of iDevices and a proud member of the Hubbell family of companies. iDevices is the preeminent brand and technology enablement services company in the IoT space. In 2009, Chris invented the iGrill, the first app-enabled product that had its debut in Apple stores in November, 2010. Today, Chris strategically plans the company’s product and partnership roadmap, manages it’s strategic relationships, leads Business Development and helps to create the culture that has led to the company being named one of the best places to work in CT three years in a row. When it comes to technology, Chris believes that, “Technology should be invisible to the user and any devices should merely exist to enhance the users daily life.”

ryan rpb
Ryan Buonaugurio

Ryan is the owner of RPB Marine, a marine electronics sales, installation, and custom fabrication company. He started his business at the age of 18, with only 200 dollars. Over the last few years he has turned it into a multi-state operation with two employees and several hundred thousand dollars in revenue, all while attending Bryant University as a full time student. Ryan is Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization’s 2017 Global Entrepreneur of the Year. Ryan is currently working on his second company,, a new online marine labor and product marketplace. He also is the director/ lead accelerator of Bryant University’s Ventures program, where he works closely with campus businesses. Ryan is here to share his experiences of becoming an entrepreneur in a high priced market and how to overcome being a young. His goal is to show you that now is the time to start your journey, and it if you take it in steps, it is easier than you think!

David Lindahl1
David Lindahl

David Lindahl is the Founder and President of RE Mentor. Starting with very little money and a desire to change his and his family’s lives for the better, Dave began his real estate investing journey. Fast forward almost twenty years and Dave has bought and sold over 8,200 real estate units from foreclosures, short sales, wholesale deals, lease options and rehabs with single family, multi-family and commercial properties. In an effort to help anyone who has an interest in changing their lives through real estate, Dave created RE Mentor. RE Mentor supplies students around the world with comprehensive real estate investing education. RE Mentor helps participants deepen their financial knowledge, sharpening their skills, and increasing their arsenal of wealth-building tools.

John Collins

Growing up on Cape Cod, I watched my family’s business grow faster than I was. Starting from nothing, my father started a screen-printing and embroidery shop on Cape Cod. At first I wanted nothing to do with it because that’s all I ever knew. As a kid, playing soccer in the top elite leagues in New England sparked me to continue my career at the Division 1 level. Focusing on being a special Education teacher and pursuing coaching was all I wanted. As my mindset changed throughout college, I wanted to start a something. Not just something, a lifestyle. I created a logo, built a blog website, pitched it to my father. After receiving a box of t shirts to hand out from him, the lifestyle was building itself. I came back to the cape after college to pursue the lifestyle of Bros of Our Lives. My goal was and still is today, to connect people from all over the world through comfortable, affordable, and stylish clothing. The lifestyle has covered the country coast to coast with Bro gear everywhere. Connecting bros everywhere has gone from a tag line to reality. These are the Bros of Our Lives.

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